About Us - Delivering Greatness

Our goal is to travel the country and interview as many delivery drivers, customers, and supporters as possible!  

Not only are we delivering great stories to make you laugh and get through the day, but our guests are each delivering greatness each and every day of their lives.  Every one of our guests shares their story, their journey to finding their greatness within.  We are here to give them a platform to be heard, to find comfort in our community. We are here for you to grow and learn while being entertained.

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What do we do when we are not slinging cardboard?  We talk about slinging cardboard!



Dave is awesome! He has been a delivery driver in upstate New York for 7 years and is a second-generation package handler, learning everything he knows from his dad.  His Cardboard Queen, Danielle, runs the world and the house by wrangling their 2 adorable little boys.

With a passion for audio, music, and comedy, Dave brings his expertise to the show. After slinging cardboard for 8 to 12 hours a day and spending quality time with his family, he still finds time to plan, manage flow, edit the audio, and upload videos for your listening pleasure.


Luke is called "The Nomad" because he has been with the company for 13 years and covered so many routes.  He is now on his favorite route in West "By-God" Virginia where he gets to stop at home for lunch on special days.  His Cardboard Queen, Ashley, hears stories about her crazy husband from her salon customers talking about that wild delivery guy.  

With his unique knowledge of celebrity birthdays and deep sexy voice, Luke brings thought-provoking questions and unbelievable stories that make you burst out laughing so much you'll cry.



Born and raised in upstate NY and cousin of our host Dave, Nate keeps us sounding good. Since 2011 he's been recording songs and sound engineering with friends. Now he brings his experience here to help us as the behind-the-scenes guy.  

When he's not quietly working the sound in the background of recording days, he's out slinging cardboard for the company. He's no newbie working there since 2014. We are super excited to have him as part of our team and as a Patreon supporter. 


This talented couple not only brings their 40+ years combined artistic experience to merchandise, media design, and website design for the podcast, but they also help us focus and execute on vision and goals.

Married for over 20 years, this power couple finds more joy working together and traveling the USA full-time in their self-converted van RV, #vanlifecouple.

Joe is a veteran package handler and driver, working for the company for almost 10 years giving up his art career to provide and take care of Amy while she was sick.  When she got better, he realized in 2010 he could be creative again and made his life change to entrepreneurship.  Amy worked in the fashion industry for 20 years before giving into Joe's requests to work together. Together they have owned multiple businesses, always working as a team.  No matter what happens, they keep on rolling!

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